• Transportation

    Our products are widely used in the transportation industry, where we offer products made of high-strength lightweight materials such as aluminum and magnesium, among others.

  • Medical technology

    Our semi-finished products are used to manufacture degradable and non-degradable (permanent) implants for cardiology and orthopedic applications, among others.

  • Electronics

    We process both high-purity materials that are used, for example, as bonding wires in the field of power electronics, and materials from which we manufacture anodes for metal-air batteries.

  • Jewelry / Watches

    In the jewelry and watches sector, we supply products and semi-finished products for a wide range of applications – from high-quality but robust watch cases to processed precious metals for jewelry and special materials for watch springs.

  • Consumables

    In most cases invisible to the consumer, our products can also be found in many everyday goods.

  • Machine building

    Thanks to our wide range of materials, we can tailor the properties of our products for use in a wide variety of plants and machines.


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